The Genius Pathway

“Leverage the strength that you have: that no one else can be you.” 

– Todd Wheatland

  • Are you looking for your edge?
  • Ready to find your greatness?
  • Is it time to tell the world?


The Genius Pathway is a 12-month program coaching program that helps you identify your Genius Inside – the distinct set of qualities, values, and natural talents that exemplify your personal brand. 

The profound experience of recognizing your Genius Inside gives you a stronger sense of identity and a positive perception of yourself at a deep and meaningful level.

Building on your new inspiration, you define your personal brand, create the ideal Customer Avatar, develop a lead magnet, and set up a sales funnel.

What’s included:

  • Kolbe A Index
  • Kolbe Index debrief
  • 16 coaching sessions
  • Email support
  • Unlimited texts
  • Marketing support
  • Customized marketing services

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