Find Your Feat!

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“The main thing to do is relax and let your talent do the work.”

~ George Lucus

Find Your Feat! is a 3-month coaching program that will help BOOST your productivity & GROW your business.

Your Action Style

You’ll discover your Natural Action Style and learn now how to use it to make your life better personally and professionally.

Exploiting your Natural Style will help you accomplish more, in less time, with lower stress..

3 Parts of the Mind

Scientists have found that there are 3 parts of the mind with separate domains for thinking, feeling, and doing. The conative, or doing, part has the striving instincts that drive a person’s natural way of taking action.

Definition of conation: The mental faculty of purpose, desire, or will to perform an action; volition.

Conation is the domain of Action – separate from your social style (introvert/extrovert as Myers Briggs identifies), and learned behaviour, IQ or cognition.

Kolbe A Index

The Kolbe A Index is the only valid, reliable assessment of conative, or instinctive, traits. No other instrument measures and identifies an individual’s natural method of taking purposeful action.

Intelligence tests measure what you CAN do.

Personality tests identify what you WANT to do.

The Kolbe A Index identifies what you actually WILL do, when you’re free to be yourself.

Kolbe looks beyond intelligence and emotions to identify your innate approach to taking action. Understanding it shows you what drives your success and how to leverage your hard-wired talents.

Your Conative Style is Your MO

Your Action Style shapes the way you do everything.

It’s your natural way of solving problems and creating solutions.

It’s your modus operandi or MO and the one solid truth about you.

There is nothing anyone can do to rob you of your conative instincts.

They are deeply embedded in your brain.

Find out makes you tick – why you do what you do, the way you do it!

Validate your authentic abilities to feel Great in your own skin and have the FREEDOM to be yourself.

Your instinctive way of problem solving equips you to be more productive.

When you act according to you instinct, your energy is inexhaustible.

Acting against your instinct rapidly depletes your energy.

What’s Included

  • Kolbe A Index
  • Kolbe Index debrief
  • 5 coaching sessions
  • Email support
  • Text support

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