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Fully Customized Entrepreneur Success Programs

Find Your Feat!

Find Your Feat, a 3-month program will help you:

  • Value innate talents
  • Improve productivity
  • Manage priorities better
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase confidence
  • Know your best approach

The Genius Inside

The Genius Inside, a 6-month program will help you:

  • Leverage innate strengths
  • Manage priorities better
  • Increase confidence
  • Expand defined strengths
  • Develop a Personal Brand 
  • Define your ideal customer

The Genius Pathway

The Genius Pathway, a 12-month program will help you:

  • Define your unique gifts
  • Strengthen confidence
  • Attract ideal customers
  • Streamline marketing
  • Increase sales
  • Build brand clarity

Working with Me

At this stage of my career, I’m clear about who I serve best and love to work with.

I’ve pretty much done it all – from C-Suite executives to Managers in the government to “Mom and Pop businesses.  Although I have some male clients, women solo entrepreneurs are definitely my “Sweet Spot.”

I only work with 25 entrepreneurs a year who are truly committed to creating Business Success and Happiness.
  • Defining and refining strengths improves confidence, know-how and results
  • Everyone has a Genius Inside – a distinct ability that, when unleashed, creates tremendous satisfaction and success.
  • We strive for things we believe with make us happy, so Happiness is what we’re really after.
  • Resistance and force impede happiness and results.
Ready, Set, Go!

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I can't believe the impact of understanding my hard-wired strengths. I no longer feel like something is wrong with me because I need details. I'm actually proud of the impact my keen attention to specifics makes. Wish I knew this years ago!
Robin is a highly articulate and intuitive personal and business life coach. Her approach takes into account the whole person and their life in context, she doesn’t just focus on isolated behaviours. Robin is all about helping people to understand themselves better, to sort out what’s worrying them or holding them back, to identify ways forward with clarity and confidence and to remove real (or perceived) barriers to progress.
I've worked with other coaches and always improved something in my business. But Robin's approach created a deeper impact and more sustainable results. She worked with me from the inside out and helped me see myself in a new light. Then she taught me some powerful tips about how to use the power of my brain - for and not against me. Although I didn't suffer from a lack of confidence, I now feel like I can tackle anything. Thank you!
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