Robin Lee Kennedy

Helping Women Solo Entrepreneurs Hone Their Inner Game


Are you uncertain about what’s next?

Is your life or business in limbo?

Tired of pretending that things are OK?

Been there. Done that. Have the T-shirt!

A prickly path to success

For years I tried my best to control external circumstances. It seemed that if I worked hard, developed skills and know-how, my business would soar. I tried to be like other people in my field who I admired, never admitting to myself that I didn’t think I was enough. 

I willed myself to success and made a lot of money, but, secretly, I still felt inadequate. An almost frantic state of Busy-ness left no time for reflection.

Action removes doubt

When a life-changing experience rocked my world, I was compelled, maybe for the first time, to do the inner work necessary to make myself whole. The discovery of my innate strengths and how to use them to produce my best results boosted my confidence and got me in action.

Transformed thoughts, success and happiness

Then I learned the ins and outs of how our thoughts influence a plethora of both physical and psychological functions. That, coupled with a revived self-image, helped me to transform the way I deal with negative thoughts. And everything got better. I became laser focused, more productive, and much happier. 

The power of Heart Intelligence

I began using tools and processes from The HeartMath Institute personally, and learned how to create heart coherence. It made a huge and immediate difference in my overall state of being; I felt calm and in sync with life. Things felt harmonious. I took some HeartMath training and have incorporated it into my programs with stunning results.

Transcend  limitations

Now I help women solo entrepreneurs tap into their natural talents and use the power of their brain to create a business and life that they love. In other words, a life where they can be who they really are, knowing that it’s more than enough. And making choices that increase their happiness every step of the way.

You are here for a reason

You're ready to create something new

Freedom and happiness

You’re at the point in your business or career when you know it’s time to do something different. You need to revive and repurpose your skills.

  • You want your work and contribution to be meaningful.
  • You want to call the shots.
  • And you’d like to be happier overall.


Change can be challenging and cause uncertainty:   

  • Are you unclear about what’s next?
  • Are unfulfilled passions rising to the surface?
  • Will your mindset support a transformation?
  • Are you crystal clear about what makes you unique?
  • Has uncertainty begun to creep in?

Committed to your dreams

Despite doubts or uncertainty, you’re poised to grab the brass ring.

  • You want the next phase of your life to be filled with grace and ease. 
  • You want to use your talents, strengths and abilities to create flow.
  • You want to be happy and make a difference.
  • You’re ready to step back, gain clarity and take control of your future.
  • You want some guidance and support.
  • You’re committed to creating a happy and fulfilling future.

You're ready to get your business on track

Freedom and happiness

You started your own business because you wanted the freedom to do things your way, set your own goals, and be happy.

  • You want to create a business and life that you love.
  • You want to know how to put your best foot forward.
  • And you need confidence and clarity of direction.


Uncertainty can distract you from doing what needs to be done.

  • Are you not where you imagined you’d be?
  • Has early inspiration fallen by the wayside?
  • Do daily tasks consume most of your time?
  • Does it seem like you don’t have time to build your business?
  • Is your vision now clouded with doubt and fear?

Committed to your dreams

Way beneath your habitual self-doubt, you truly want to make a difference:

  • You want to improve things for your family, friends and community.
  • You want to feel proud of your accomplishments.
  • You’re ready to quell your fears and expand your comfort zone.
  • It’s time to gain clarity, and re-focus to create what you really want.
  • You’d like guidance and support. 
  • You’re committed to creating the business and life of your dreams.

The time for change is now


How Pauline changed her life and followed her dreams.

My Programs

3 Month Program

Find Your Feat!

Uncover your hard-wired talents and learn how to leverage them to produce your best results with less effort and lower stress.

6 Month Program

The Genius Inside

Discover Your Genius Inside - the unique set of qualities, values, and natural talents that exemplify who you really are and what you’re capable of creating.

12 Month Program

The Genius Pathway​

The Genius Pathway will help you attract your ideal customer, create a lead magnet, and set up a sales funnel

FREE Discovery Session

This is a real coaching session, not a camouflaged sales call. You can explore possible solutions to a challenge you are facing or brainstorm ideas on how to capture an opportunity.


act [ akt ] :to take action; do something; exert energy or force; be employed or operative: behave in the way specified:
to operate or function in a particular way; perform specific duties or functions:


transform [trans-fawrm]
to become completely different, and usually better :to change completely the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved:


transform [ tran-send]
:to rise above or go beyond; overpass; exceed: :to transcend the limits of thought; :to outdo or exceed in excellence, elevation, extent, degree, etc.; surpass; excel.

“Doubt can only be removed by action.”

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 


Action removes doubt
  • Whenever you get stuck in life or are missing opportunities you’re most likely being controlled by your doubts.
  • Doubts come to the forefront anytime you strive for something meaningful in life.
  • Doubt is a mental state in which your mind is suspended between contradictory propositions – in limbo – preventing you from taking action.
  • On an emotional level, doubt is simply indecision between belief and disbelief.
  • Fear triggers doubt and can stop you in your tracks.   


It’s not wrong to acknowledge and appreciate yourself.You won’t become arrogant or egocentric. Instead, you’ll motivate yourself to do bigger things.

Take small steps every day – little things make big things happen!

Make the Changes you want

Start Now!

“Real transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward – get real with yourself.”

                            ~Bryant McGill


Personal transformation happens gradually
  • It takes time and is not linear.
  • You might take 2 steps forward and 1 step back.
  • At times you’ll make huge leaps in a single day.

Until you wake up to the negative beliefs you may have about your chances for success, you’ll inhabit a tiny box that limits what’s possible.

When you don’t get the results you want you change something you’re doing.  But if your results don’t change too, a limiting belief is directing your actions.

  • I’m too this; I’m not that
  • I can’t because I don’t know enough
  • I’ve never been good at…


Both the right action and attitude are necessary to achieve the right results! To achieve the right results.Your actions are guided by what you believe to be true – your attitude and beliefs.

Your beliefs are your own invention and you can transform them.

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“I believe that what makes us unique is our ability to transcend our limits.”      ~ Stephen Hawking


Rise above, go beyond , exceed

Transcendence is synonymous with self-improvement.

It requires:

  • Getting  out of your comfort zone. 
  • A willingness to let go of all self-imposed limitations.
  • Overcoming negative thoughts and beliefs, robbing you of Happiness and Success.


Transcendence doesn’t happen overnight- It takes effort, perseverance and patience. 

You can transcend or surpass anything you decide and act on.


Hear my story and how I have helped so many make lasting changes. 

Check out my interview on Business Talk Radio to hear a a simplified example of how I help women hone their “Inner Game” so that it supports their dreams and makes them happier.


You can achieve more than you imagine possible.